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Our forecast for a foot of snow yesterday proved to be way off base. But what we did get was a heavy coating of ice topped with snow. So it was a quiet, work-at-home sort of day — which may be repeated today, depending on what we wake up to. (I’m hoping the roads are safe enough for us to get to the studio and ship the weekend/holiday orders, but please bear with us if that’s not the case.) Whether you’re similarly cooped up at home or just in want of some good yarny links, these are for you—

• What a true knit lover looks like

• I fell into some kind of trance watching this rug being woven

• I’ve been loving the #knittertools tag on Instagram that cropped up in response to my lost tool pouch, but Anna Maltz took it to a whole ‘nother level

• Do you have an emotional support alpaca?  (thx, DG)

Tif Fussell is killing me with the  “woolly tattoos” that have followed her craft-life-changing embroidered mittens, but none more so than this sweater

• Adored the backstory on Dianna Walla’s Swedish Pancakes mitts pattern (which is in Pom Pom issue 12)

If I ever take up quilting …

• And this made me laugh


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6 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. It is a long awaited snow day here in Baltimore. Thank you for sharing The Woven Process. I so loved watching the process and then the outcome.


  2. Right there with you in the weaving trance – magical! Though I did want to stop about a million times and ask “what are you doing now?”, “and now?”, “and now?” It all just looked so mysterious and wonderful. Thanks for sharing!


  3. The alpaca article blew me away. I live near Hudson, NY, and have been to Olana many times. Last time I went, a friend from out of town wasn’t allowed to bring her pencil and notebook inside the house. I can only imagine the stir an alpaca caused! I’m also envisioning the alpaca visiting Spruce Ridge Farm’s (http://www.spruceridgefarm.com/index.html) pop-up shop on Warren Street. Perfect.


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