Best of the best of Pre-Fall 2015: Simplicity rules

Best of the best of Pre-Fall 2015: Simplicity rules

So The Row wins again. The only thing better than pitch-perfect sweaters is sweaters on top of sweaters, right? That top image leaves me wanting a better look at the vest, but whatever it is, yes please. And the tissue-thin version of the classic rollneck (recently discussed)? And the perfectly proportioned ribbed pullover? These are the sorts of impeccable sweaters I want to knit to wear for years upon years.

But a very, very close runner-up this season is the look below from Derek Lam. Don’t know if the black layer is a tee or a featherweight sweater, but either way, this combination of black and camel (my god those trousers) with the unexpected spark of a lilac vest trimmed in black, white and green … Well as DG would say, it’s just too much to think about.

Best of the best of Pre-Fall 2015: Simplicity rules

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7 thoughts on “Best of the best of Pre-Fall 2015: Simplicity rules

  1. Karen,

    I meant to write to you after you posted about the J Crew sweater, but I think it was Christmas time and planned to wait til later. Anyway, I was clearing out the clothes I had in deep, deep storage just when I read your J Crew roll neck post. It’s not too late for that sweater if you still want one. I have a red wool roll neck, it’s pretty large, but it’s yours if you want it. It’s a wonderful, classic red. If you pass on it, it’ll go to Goodwill.

    (miso-p on ravelry)

    p.s. love your blog.

  2. I have been wanting to see more prim, high crew necks on sweaters. And that Derek Lam combo of colors is on the bizarre side….and wonderful! I’m not normally a vest person, but I love that one.

  3. Karen, you’re much better than I am at looking at the clothes and not the models. My first thought isn’t “What great sweaters.” It’s “This unhappy young woman needs to eat. Then maybe wash her hair.”

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