Second sock swap

The second sock swap project

Two of the lovely people participating in the #fringeandfriendsknitalong — Instagrammers @lunarknits (in Sydney) and @wendlandcd (in Washington state) — have struck up enough of a friendship that they’ve cooked up a marvelous little co-knitting project for themselves. Both are susceptible to Second Sock Syndrome, so they’ve decided to each knit one sock, then send it and the yarn to the other person to knit the mate and keep. So they each knit two socks, but not the same sock twice. It’s brilliant, and possibly easier to talk a friend into doing with you than a Tag Team Sweater. The next time I have the urge to knit a sock, I may have to look for someone to swap with.

If you’re on Instagram, you can follow their progress under #secondsockswap.


13 thoughts on “Second sock swap

    • I live in New Hampshire and make socks out of worsted weight yarn, size 5-6 circular needles. I’ve got a sock pattern I work with that calls for DPN – I hate those! So,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I’ve switched to circular needles and have rewritten the pattern. For me, who had never knit socks before, these are FUN when they knit faster with a more dense weight yarn! Would you be interested in knitting one sock and passing it on, using worsted weight yarn? I’ve done this with quilt panels, but would prefer a knitting ‘partner.’. What do you think?



  1. :D
    I’ve never been so excited to knit socks! Just officially started mine today. Madelinetosh Sock is such a lovely yarn. :)


  2. You made my week Karen! What a thrill that you liked this and shared it here. Sincerely, thank you x And yes, it would be great to see more #secondsockswap (s) on Instagram or tagged on Ravelry! Danielle


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