A big week at Fringe

A big week at Fringe

This has been such a fun week around Fringe — I am having a blast watching all of the #fringeandfriendsknitalong sweaters popping up all over (although my own is predictably off to a slow start!), plus boxes have been pouring through the doors of Fringe Supply Co. and the shelves are bulging with all sorts of beautiful things. There’s a gorgeous new Bookhou pouch in the mix, pictured up top, and all of this is back in stock:

— Bookhou totes, pocket pouches, oblong pouches and project boxes
— Joshu + Vela’s beautifully crafted canvas totes
— our Black Stitch Markers and Removable Stitch Markers
— the rosewood DPNs, most notably in sock sizes
— and the ever-popular Yarn Pyramid

So knock yourselves out over there. I’ll be back in just a bit with my pick for WIP of the Week!


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