So nice to meet you!

So nice to meet you at #stitchesmidwest!

Hi, everyone! I’m back from Stitches Midwest, equal parts exhausted and energized. Ok, maybe a little more exhausted than energized, but that will pass! It was absolutely stunning how many people came through that little booth over the weekend and introduced themselves as blog readers. It’s such a weirdly solitary thing, blogging — talking to thousands of people you can’t see. So it’s a real treat to gather faces and names, and I appreciate all of you who took the time to tell me what it is you like most about the blog. (Number one answer was definitely the Tag Team Sweater Project.) But I’d love to take this opportunity to check in with more of you about that. While I take a minute to try to get caught up around here, I’d love to hear what you like most about the blog and what you’d like to see more of as we head into high knitting season.

And of course enormous thanks to everyone who shopped the shelves at the show!

I’ll be back as soon as I catch my breath …

38 thoughts on “So nice to meet you!

  1. Absolute favorite is “Knit the Look,” followed closely by “New Favorites,” and then “Our Tools, Ourselves” and “Elsewhere.” Basically any time you give pattern recommendations because they’re spot on, and also when you profile people and projects.

  2. Working shows it harder than it looks. You are “on” performance for 8-10 hours, standing on that concrete floor, minimal water and nature breaks. By the time you get back to your room, it’s 7 or 8 pm. you’re tired, starving and wondering why your feet hurt. Off to bed and you do the same thing for 2 more days. But it’s wonderful and exciting too, and we cannot wait to do it again.
    It took me a year to really start following your blog, and so in response to what do you love about the blog question, I love that you find things out there that I haven’t seen before. Now that’s not to say that I love them, but it’s new and different. How do we catch the thousands of bits of information available to us ask knitters, if we don’t share with others? I love that you share.

  3. My two favorite parts of your blog is 1)What you have on your needles and 2) Knit the look.
    I’m a fan of several designers but don’t have the pocketbook for their runway looks, knitting my own is a great compromise.

  4. Hope you had a great show. I was very excited to learn that you would be at Stitches and it was the first booth we went to when we got there. Keep up the inspiring blogging. I love the knit the look, on the needles/queue, tag team sweater posts.

  5. Glad to hear you were at Stitches and hope you will be at the next one in Hartford! I love your blog for many reasons: meeting new designers, seeing wonderful patterns, discovering new ideas and products. Each time I open your blog, I’m sure to have expanded my horizon in some way. Thank you!

  6. 1) I love that you post almost every day. I’m sick of getting interested in a blog only to have it peter out.
    2) I like Knit the Look.

    Thanks for doing what you do!

  7. I don’t know if it’s my favorite or the bane of my knitting (!): Love “knit the look.” (I tried this on two occasions and had to rip out entire sweaters. But, really, a big part of my knitting is about the creative process.) In any case, the entire blog is inspiring without being patronizing. That’s a big win for me.

      • One was purl bee’s raglan sweatshirt; both had to do with yarn selection/sizing. There’s a difference between fashionably oversized and a potato sack and I’m trying to figure out how to knit it!

  8. I, too, love the frequent posts – what a great way to begin my morning (with coffee, of course!) I love that there’s different components and as I think of each one, they leap out as “the best”: new designs, definitely, seeing other artists’ studios and processes, learning new tricks and methods, watching your knitting unfold. Because this blog is so interactive, I get as much info from other readers as I do from your posts!

  9. I’m a big fan of Knit the Look, as well as the specials on other knitters’ tools. Like others have commented, I also appreciate the regularity of your posts (as well as the fact that they’re more content-driven rather than just a lot of photos).

  10. I was one of those people at Stitches Midwest, and I really enjoyed meeting you and your charming husband!
    My favorite parts of the blog–Knit the Look and Blog Crushes, closely followed by posts on your favorite new knitting designs!
    You’re doing a GREAT job!

  11. Frequency and consistency, without feeling forced. It’s become part of my morning to the point where I still do it when I’m otherwise out of my daily routine.

    And Our Tools, Ourselves. When that one rolls around I’m always tickled.

  12. My favorite thing is your enthusiasm for knitting. I love how you get excited about new patterns and yarns. Your shop is also amazing. It makes me want to replace my little bag of knit tools straightaway – one of these days I will!

  13. Having different themes for blogging? GENIOUS!!!!
    Your posts are interesting, entertaining, and FREQUENT!
    I am an avid fan.

  14. I love the frequent posts. I love the Q & A. I love Our Tools/Ourselves. Mostly I love everything.

  15. I love “New Favorites”, “Our Tools, Ourselves”, and “Elsewhere”.
    I also love watching you work your way through a project. Your thought process as you sort through all the details, options and modifications helps me to be more thoughtful about the projects I choose and a little braver in making mods.
    So nice to meet you at Stitches…love my new basket!

  16. Find ‘Knit the look’, ‘Elsewhere’, ‘New favorites’, Our Tools, Ourselves’ particularly inspiring.

    I quite recently found your blog and instantly became a daily visitor. You are now part of my morning routine during the week when I get my cup of coffee I’m really excited to open your blog to see what’s there. I’m so happy (and very impressed) that you can find the time and effort to post as frequently as you do. What keep you inspired to continue? How can we help you keep going? Is comments here or outside the blog important for you? Let us know!

  17. Although I can honestly say I always enjoy your posts Our Tools, Ourselves is my favourite feature. :)

  18. Someday/Right Away is my favorite. I love Our Tools, Ourselves too. Ok – I actually like all the posts. But those two are my favorite, favorites!

  19. I love everything. You have changed how I look at patterns. I now think out of the box. You introduce us to new people and styles. Knit the Look is my favorite with Our Tools Ourselves as a close second. And your explanation of how to start a sweater gave me new things to consider. I’m totally addicted.

  20. I LOVE your blog. I always make the time to check in every day and take a look. I really like all of it but probably Knit the Look the best although your links to all your recommendations and inspirations is great and really has been so helpful as I never would have found half of these things without you. I love your store too and am using a big purchase from you as a goal for my finishing ANY of the many WIP’s I have got going right now – and almost every time I read your blog I want to start another one!

  21. I ditto Francis Berryhill – I love everything about the site. I love the way you write and how you view things. Keep up the great work!

  22. My favourite thing is that the content is daily. :) I really enjoy having something little to read every day.
    As for which posts, I definitely love the ‘Our Tools Ourselves’. Not only are the posts interesting to read, but it’s a great introduction to a new designer or maker I hadn’t heard of before.

  23. Saw you at Stitches (was the guy who got the nostepinne and crochet hooks) and that’s how I found the blog, looking forward to following along. Thanks for being at Stitches (it was my first time there and I think I was a bit frazzled when I stopped in).

  24. I’m fairly new to your blog as well as the knitting universe. I appreciate your honest candour about your WIPs, your successes and frustrations. I also like your New Favourites and Our Tools, Ourselves features — again, very informative for a new knitter like me. Thanks!

  25. Your blog is the first knitting blog I have ever read or followed. I am a complete fan and look forward to your daily updates. Your daily entries have opened my eyes to more designers, fibers and looks out there with knitting. Just love it!

  26. Your blog is the best knitting blog I’ve ever read, really one of my all-time favorite blogs. I never comment (so bad! I should!) but I read it every day- I must say that I LOVE that you post nearly every day. I enjoy all of your posts but if I had to choose a favorite flavor it would be Our Tools, Ourselves. You’re doing an excellent job here, Karen.

  27. I always find Our Tools, Ourselves, very inspiring to read. It gives me new ideas about how I can improve my toolbox, but I’m also just a little bit nosy and like to see what others use!

  28. Our Tools, Ourselves is a favorite of mine as well, and I was so inspired by your posts a month or so ok about more sustainable fashion and embroidermending. Truly, there’s rarely post where I don’t end up learning something new or seeing a new beautiful sweater. Fringe Association is one of my very favorite blogs.

  29. Long time reader, first time commenter! I love the whole blog, but most of all, the knitting/fashion posts. I love seeing how the “fashion forward” sweaters and accessories often have extant counterparts in the knitting pattern world. Plus, it’s given me great ideas for how to wear finished knits.

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