New Favorites: Square shawls

New Favorites: Square shawls

Last week Hannah Fettig released a new pattern called the Sans Kerchief which is nothing but a linen stockinette square. I’d laugh, but look how lovely it looks tied around that model’s neck! (The whole vibe makes me think of this.) It’s really sort of brilliant. It got me thinking again about square shawls — I’m still dreaming about this one — and since then, everywhere I look I see Tilt. It’s a big square shawl by Leila Raabe, knitted in the round!, and it’s one of those things I find irresistible. Especially with all the traveling I have in the coming months, I’m loving the idea of a big wrap that serves as a lap blanket on a plane, or a throw in a hammock, etc etc. So I’m wanting this, but also adding it to the list of possible shawls for my mama.


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14 thoughts on “New Favorites: Square shawls

  1. And you got me thinking of using a lovely three color set of sock yarn for Tilt. If it is knit in the round, starting from the center, then it would not be too hard to do a color block version.


  2. I was thinking about that simple kerchief pattern and why it would be sold for $5…and I think, whether anyone agrees with it or not or thinks its fair or not, that if we purchase it, we are paying for the inspiration, for the styling of the accessory that inspires us to purchase it to knit it, the beautifully laid out written pattern– it seems like such a simple item, of course, and it is, but I daresay it inspires a lot of people to knit their own *after* seeing the photo, when they wouldn’t have before. I suspect that Quince and Co don’t really expect to sell a lot of the kerchief patterns, but the picture is so lovely, that it probably functioned as a huge incentive to click through to the Quince & Co site and peruse their *other* patterns and yarn.

    Maybe, maybe not…just some thoughts I had.


  3. Tilt, the big square shawl is so appealing. I keep queing up the Brooklyn tweed squares but never knitting them. It looks amazing in the photos, but in real life, I worry I’d be running around with the bulk of it behind me like some kind of handknit super-hero cape.


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  5. When I saw the Sans Kerchief, I thought it was beautiful and then tried to figure out if it was anything more than a stockinette square. lol! I love Tilt. It’s beautiful!


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