Stocking stuffers and last-minute gift ideas

Stocking stuffers and last-minute gift ideas

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, group gifts, or even something very very special, I’d like to help! Here are some ideas — and of course there’s lots more over at Fringe Supply Co.:

– The wooden ruler nobody can resist
Doane notebooks — who doesn’t love a blank notebook (or 3)?
– An array of marvelous canvas and leather pouches for pencils, tools, cosmetics, you name it
– Cutest row counter ever [UPDATE: now out of stock, but more on their way]
– Picture-perfect scissors
Gift certificates! Did I mention? You can now buy FSCo. gift certificates


Stitch markers and removable stitch markers are great in a card, a stocking, tied on top of a gift …
Bento bags slip easily into a stocking or gift — or why not use it as gift wrap?
– Don’t forget enclosure cards for your hand-knitted gifts

On a slightly larger scale, tote bags and the Yarn Pyramid are extremely popular gifts this year. And of course, if you’re still looking for something truly special for a favorite friend or family member (or yourself!), there’s the ideal travel and knitting tote.

If you need help choosing, I’m here for you!


4 thoughts on “Stocking stuffers and last-minute gift ideas

  1. i just wanted to mention that out of all my online shopping this year, the experiance I’ve had with fringe association was among the very best! everything from lovely goods (sent with beautiful attention to detail) to ease of ordering, great communication and quick quick shipping (I am sounding like an ad, but it’s true!) thank you Karen, i really appreciate you and love your shop.


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