The very best goods to give and receive

Fringe Supply Co — the very best goods to give and receive

As you already know, Fringe Supply Co. is stocked with beautiful, cunning and hardworking goods I think every fibercrafter should own — from my favorite little counter and everyone’s favorite ruler to an array of great bags and baskets and more. But today I’ve added a few new ones. There are handsome navy canvas tool pouches, beautifully detailed round pencil cases (in limited quantities — be forewarned!) and a waxed canvas Dopp-kit style bag I literally cannot take my eyes off of. It is exquisite. Even Bob pauses to gaze longingly every time he walks past them in my studio. Also: Kinfolk 10, “the Aged Issue” — dedicated to all things that get better with age. I was dubious when I heard this was the theme of the next issue. But I have to say, it is very cleverly done, and as beautifully produced as ever. It would make a great gift for a variety of family members.

So whether you’re shopping for others or compiling your own wish list to share, please do take a good look at Fringe Supply Co. And thank you for shopping small this holiday!


12 thoughts on “The very best goods to give and receive

  1. OhMyGiftGods! That new pouch is EXACTLY what I wanted to get my husband for Christmas but couldn’t find what I was looking for… something simple, beautiful, made in the US – a piece of art (and affordable)! YAHOO! Your timing is impeccable (as usual.)
    Also, I love every sweet thing I’ve bought at your shop. Those little snips – oh my, using them is so much fun. Ditto on the other things. Happy me.


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