New Favorites: Marie Wallin’s Autumn

Favorite patterns from Rowan Autumn Knits by Marie Wallin

You know how you never want to buy the knitting magazine or pattern collection because there’s only one thing in there you might want to make? And then along comes Rowan with their Autumn Knits issue, and wow, what don’t I want to make?

Still, I have favorites:

TOP LEFT: Wye turtleneck, (so Chloé!), also my lifelong back-to-school fantasy outfit
TOP RIGHT: Derwent bat-wing, great shape but it’s that cable detail that’s killing me
MIDDLE LEFT: Hassop vest, yes to vests
MIDDLE RIGHT: Ilam pullover, dude
BOTTOM LEFT: Hope pullover, pretty chic fair isle
BOTTOM RIGHT: Monyash cardigan, geometric splendor

All designed by Rowan’s head designer Marie Wallin, to whom I hereby send a virtual curtsy.


19 thoughts on “New Favorites: Marie Wallin’s Autumn

    • Closest thing that springs to mind is Norah Gaughan’s new pattern Blish. You could easily knit a few ridges of garter stitch (like Derwent) for the neck, instead of Blish’s mock turtle, and I’d personally do M1’s instead of YO’s for the increases.


  1. I love all of them!!! It’s a shame Rowan mag is expensive. I wanna make them all except the guy sweater (I don’t knit for men). But I’ll take the guy if he’s free!


  2. Oh, I like your virtual curtsy! I send one too. Sadly most Rowan patterns remain just beyond my current skill and endurance levels. But I love to look!


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