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abigail doan fiber artist

“I grew up in a household that had a spinning wheel whirling in the background while evening television was on. I realize now that this was not really the norm.” So writes self-professed environmental fiber artist Abigail Doan on her blog, which is part cumulative artist statement, part esoteric travelogue, part … I don’t even know yet. I stumbled across Doan on Instagram somehow (where she’s known as lostinfiber) and just now ventured from there to her blog, where I formed an instant Blog Crush. Doan divides time between NYC and Bulgaria, and what’s even more clear from looking at her blog than her Instagram stream is that she sees the world in textures. And if there’s one thing I love, it’s getting to see what the world looks like through someone else’s eyes.


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  1. One of my closest friends and her husband also split their time between NYC and Bulgaria ~ and they are the most creative people I know!

  2. Thanks for the kind feature, Karen. Such a joy to discover this. I live between NYC and Bulgaria at the moment as my husband’s family is from Eastern Europe, and we decided to raise our twin boys here (for at least part of the year) before they start school in first grade. We also do cultural preservation and educational outreach projects here. I have been traveling here since 1996 and there have been many changes since then.

    Love your blog and your beautiful writings and finds.

    Best wishes,


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