Happiness is a pompom

one sheepish girl pompom magnets and pushpins

My sincere apologies to anyone who’s eagerly awaiting the next installment of the top-down tutorial. Between especially taxing tax prep and a pile of freelance work, I’ve been too crunched for time to do either the knitting or the writing for it! But I hope to have it together for Thursday. Meanwhile, these cheerful pompom magnets by Meredith Crawford (aka One Sheepish Girl) had me smiling through the stress yesterday, so I wanted to share them. They would have made me grin even if not for the presence of the Fringe postcard* in the pic, but how great does it look in that shot? Love it — thanks, Meredith. Be sure to check out her mini-tutorial for the pompom magnets and pushpins.


*For anyone who doesn’t know, there’s one of these in every Fringe Supply Co. order.

5 thoughts on “Happiness is a pompom

  1. I can’t believe how our taste are the same almost every thing you have featured I have found,uself in the last year, all the patterns ESP. Amazing. Have a great day

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  2. Wow, it’s like we’re in the twilight zone … I have had pom poms on the brain for the last two days (and that’s no April Fools). : )


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