New Favorites: Simply great cowls

’Tis the season. The one where all I can think about is protecting my neck from the cold rain and wind, and you know what that means. Peaceful to knit. Joyful to wear. Yep, it’s definitely cowl season.

top left: Miles of stockinette spendor from Phildar — but y’know, pick your circumference, multiply by your stitch count, and start knitting

top right: Mel Clark’s Big Houndstooth Cowl —  Sarah made this one recently (in a mottled grey) and I want to steal it right off her neck every time I see it.

bottom left: Mira’s Cowl by Mira Cole (free) — the embodiment of “less is more.”

bottom right: the State Street Cowl by Pam Allen — I bought the yarn for this almost a year ago; think it’s time to cast on.


UPDATE 01.02.13: We’re doing a little knit-along of that last one, the State Street Cowl. Do join in!

18 thoughts on “New Favorites: Simply great cowls

      • I’m working my way through Kivi at the moment. Not enjoying the huge amount of purling in the round that the pattern calls for (but that’s just because I’m lazy!) but the texture of the pattern is totally worth it. Once that’s done I’m going to attempt the paperi leg warmers. I just wish there wasn’t so much purling!


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    • I wish I did. The image was floating around on the internet, detached from its source. The image path and/or filename were enough to tell me it came from Phildar, but I couldn’t find the corresponding pattern on their site. They make it very difficult to find things, the way they break up the content.


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  3. Being a newbie (definitely not me, but being back to knitting). Hats and cowls are my favorites! Usually just enough knitting so not to be boring, almost instant gratification! You have the most interesting patterns. I love your site and follow it religiously!


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