Projects for a holiday weekend

memorial day holiday macrame crochet weaving projects

I’m going to finish my sweater this weekend and then I’m in the mood to do something small and completely different. Maybe some funky macramé jewelry à la Siamic, a crocheted bowl or bag, or maybe I’ll finally make that Jaime Rugh-inspired Weavette of my own.

What will you be up to?


7 thoughts on “Projects for a holiday weekend

  1. I love your plans for the weekend. I’m going to join you in creating the weekend away too. I love all of these Karen! I think I might try that bag one day myself….

    I know I’m looking forward to just relaxing and knitting this weekend, even if it is something I’ve had to rip back and start again 3 times. In the itty bitty tosh lace. I will conquer this thing if it kills me, lol. This could be the weekend…

    Have a great time with your projects!


  2. I am planning to make small crochet flowers for my beach slippers. I love the crocheted bowl idea. Can you tell me what kind of yarn would be good to make one of these? Happy Weekend!


    • Hi there. The Purl Bee pattern for the bowls calls for two kinds of Habu held together — a linen and the Copper Bamboo, which is one of those very thin Habu yarns with a bit of metal at the core, so it’s almost like using wire. Holds its shape. I have some but haven’t worked with it yet. But I would think you could use just about anything you have on hand. Those Purl Bee patterns are always really, really thorough tutorials, with a photo at every step, so do click the link and see what all they might have to say about it.


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