I’m on a plane to LA again today, but wanted to point you toward a few compelling things elsewhere:

1. Have you seen Jared Flood’s swatches? Sick.

2. Cephalopod Yarns wants you to knit something for Afghans for Afghans. If you knit a hat, mittens or socks for the cause, they’ll give you a skein of their yarn in return. Click here for details of the Cephalopod free yarn offer, and here for specifics of what the NGO involved will accept. I’m in.

3. This interview with the Ace & Jig designers about their process developing woven fabrics in India makes me completely green: “Through friends we were very fortunate to find our current team, as we’ve been able to create fabric that’s very specific and technically difficult to weave. When we’re in India working alongside each other, it’s so much easier to experiment. They have these walls of yarn and we can be like, ‘oh, let’s do these colors instead’. It’s so much more hands on.” Nice work if you can get it!


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