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Updates & Elsewhere: Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

You guys, I got sooooo much knitting done this week for the Tag Team Sweater Project. It was like old times. Unfortunately, I also ripped out a lot of it — specifically, 8.5 inches of Anna’s second sleeve. Late Tuesday night, I finished the second cuff, knitted to the first increase and put a pin in it. The next night, I had a marathon knitting session and worked those 8.5 inches, lining my increases up above that first one. Only at midnight, when admiring my output, did I notice that I had put the first one in the wrong place. With 99% of all sleeves, it wouldn’t matter — I’d just declare that my new center point and carry on accordingly. But since this cuff is garter-in-the-round, which leaves that pseudo-seam, they did need to line up in the exact right spot. So I ripped and re-knit. Before all that happened, I was on track to have the sleeves shipped out today on (re)schedule. But if I excuse myself from the studio for a couple hours this morning and knit my little heart out, I may still be able to send them out today. Cross your fingers for me! Or for us both — looks like Anna is cutting it just as close.


Do you all know about Among Friends? I was honored to have the High-fiber tote included in their Best of the Bay box, which just shipped out. These three ladies have been really great to me and they do such a thoughtful job with their club — you should take a look at their upcoming offerings.

Also: I loved seeing this turmeric-dyeing tutorial by Rebekka Seale on Wool and the Gang’s blog. And Jared Flood’s post about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s “Knit, Purl, Sow” show. (Say that three times fast.) And I can’t wait to read this Julie Hoover interview at Caitlin Makes.


I asked the lovely Molly of Ambatalia, maker of the amazing Bento Bags, if she could make an even bigger bento, and she happily obliged. So today in the shop you’ll find the all-new, first-ever XL Bento! Big enough to hold all the yarn and parts of a worsted-weight sweater. Or, y’know, a small child. It’s awesome! There aren’t very many in this first batch, so if they sell out before you get there, never fear — I’ll have more in a few weeks.

Also new today are some perfectly charming Bonsai-style scissors that nobody should be without.

And! At long last, I got a bunch of rice baskets in — both natural and patterned. Hie thee to Fringe Supply Co.


Have a great weekend, everyone — thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Updates & Elsewhere

  1. Hi Karen, love your blog! I am constantly inspired to getting busy knitting after reading your daily posts.
    I have 2 questions for you… Which brand of circular needles do you use, and do you ever use interchangeable sets?
    Thank you!

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